Green Screen

White Screen

Black Screen

Best used for videos where the background will be chroma-keyed or removed digitally in post-production

Used for productions where a neutral, bright white background is needed.

For use in video productions where a solid dark black background is needed.

Shooting Stage

Open Studios shooting stage is professionally pre-lit with Kino Flo’s to light your choice of back drop at the flick of a switch. Our custom designed triple track system has green screen, white screen and black backdrops with flooring to match. This versatile system allows the client to achieve multiple looks at one location.

Our in-house team builds staging to suit your production needs with a variable height steel deck staging system. We have dedicated spaces for hair, make-up, wardrobe and craft services. A production office is available upon request.

Our central Vancouver location, 5 minutes from downtown, is located just off Main St.

Call or email to book an appointment for a tour.


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Every Touchpoint. Every Moment. Every Customer.
Adobe Marketing Cloud is now integrated with Elastic Path Commerce....
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Specs and Rentals

  • Green screen, white screen and black backdrop: 70 ft from corner to corner x 16 ft height
  • Room Dimensions: 50 ft x 34 ft Clearspan
  • Power: 100 amp breakout box with 2 x (6 x 20 amp), 100 amps in the flown power grid
  • Lighting: All tungsten – 4 x Kino Flo Image47, 2 x Kino Flo 4ft 4 bank, 2 x Arri 750, 2 x Arri 650
  • Overhead Wilson trussing
  • Over 500 sq ft of steel deck staging available
  • Video Mixers: Carrot video HD RABBIT O-series, Edirol V-8 Channel Video mixer
  • Projectors: NEC M300XS wide angle (3,000 Lumens), Mitsubishi XD8600U (8,500 Lumens),
  • Projector: Mitsubitshi XD600LP (4,500 Lumens)



  • Centrally located in Vancouver
  • Mezzanine (500 sq ft) Wardrobe or flex area
  • Hair and make-up area with natural light and vanity mirror
  • Production office available
  • Ample Parking
  • Loading Bay
  • Wireless Internet and phone
  • Craft services area
  • 2 Bathrooms